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What is Whatsapp Blasting?

WhatsApp is a free mobile application that allows you to instantly message your contacts through
the internet. This application is especially popular in Singapore because it allows users to send text
messages for free without the need to pay for expensive SMS charges.

WhatsApp being a pun for “What’s Up?”, includes various user-friendly interfaces like sharing files,
pictures, emojis, GIFs and also allows for free voice and video calls. With this many features in one
single app, it’s no wonder why so many Singaporean are using this app to communicate.

In Singapore, 68% of our country’s population are active users of WhatsApp’s messaging service.
That is nearly 22 million people actively using WhatsApp just in Singapore alone. This untapped
market potential can target a larger audience more than social media or email marketing ever
could. With this in mind, perhaps it’s time for your business to start switching over to
Whatsapp marketing

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Why Should you Use Whatsapp Marketing for Your Business

The only reason your business needs to start WhatsApp Marketing is because your customers
are also using it. With more than 60 million messages sent daily, this potential for a larger
market penetration simply cannot be ignored.

This combined the fact that the majority of Singapore’s population owns a smartphone,
WhatsApp’s market is a whole lot more personal compared to email or SMS.
What this means is that WhatsApp’s engagement rate is relatively higher compared to
any other communication platform. Nearly 98 percent of WhatsApp messages sent are
opened and read by the receiver, with 90 percent of them being opened and read within
3 minutes.

Even if you haven’t started using WhatsApp for business, know that your customers have
definitely started using it to contact your business. Do you really need any other reason to
start doing WhatsApp marketing then?

How To use WhatsApp For Marketing

WhatsApp requires you to register a phone number before you can start using their services. Besides this, there are certain limitations to WhatsApp that may prevent you from reaching a huge audience. These limitations are that you can only send messages to your phone contacts and that you can only send 256 at a time. But with the right WhatsApp marketing tools, your business can reach a larger market more than what social media advertising can ever do. See how other companies are using similar messaging platforms to market their products.
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WhatsApp Blasting Features

The main drawback from using WhatsApp for marketing is that you can only send 256 messages at a time. This is easily remedied with a
method called WhatsApp blasting.

What is WhatsApp blasting you ask? WhatsApp blasting is the term used for sending messages and media through WhatsApp in bulk.
Due to WhatsApp limitation, if you require sending out more than 256 at a time. Then you need to purchase the service of a WhatsApp
marketing software or service.

Other than that you also face the possibility of having your company number blocked if someone reports the number as spam. With
WhatsApp blasting however you don’t have worry about this as the number used for this service or system is not tied to your company.
This saves you the trouble of losing a precious number for company use.

If you’re interested in sending out bulk messages but think the market pricing is too high for you to test out this new marketing strategy,
Webist is now offering WhatsApp blasting services or system to suit all your marketing needs at fair and affordable pricing.

Filter Number

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Blasting 99% Delivery Rate

Compared to other communication methods, WhatsApp has a relatively high delivery rate for messages sent.

Group Sending

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Whatsapp Channel (Selling)

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WhatsApp SCRM allows businesses to interact with their customers on a personal level and understand them more closely.

WhatsApp marketing with soon become the norm of marketing strategies with the potential to reach out to millions of potential customers in a short period of time. To suit all your marketing needs, our lowest WhatsApp bulk messaging rates will keep your business ahead of the competition.

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